23rd November 2019

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Navigating by day, round a route with challenge checkpoints, just about do-able (given the navigation skills of some adults let alone children!) So let’s throw a spanner in the works and do it at night…

The Farriers and Stomp are events held in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The Farriers is a 3 mile incident hike for Cub Scouts around the nearby Selsley Common. With 9 checkpoints and quiz questions on route, the Cubs are challenged to solve problems as a team to gain the most points possible and ultimately win the trophy!

The Stomp is an 8/9/10 mile incident hike which changes every year, the aim being to challenge members of the Scout and Explorer section to not only complete challenges but successfully navigate around the route (something which was quite hard this year).

The events are run by an organising committee, if anyone else would like to get involved please get in touch! As a Committee, we would like to make it clear that any surplus funds generated by the events are reinvested in the events – and used to develop new checkpoints and maintain existing checkpoint equipment.