Thanks for even contemplating to help (which you must have done if you clicked the link!).

With near 300 young people taking part in each event its really important we get a team of volunteers to run checkpoints, do marshalling, help with booking in. Without the fantastic support we have had over the years we really couldn’t run the events.

We do our best to look after our helpers so if your out on a checkpoint bring a mug and we will fill it up. We provide each checkpoint with basic tea and coffee and some cakes to keep you going through the evening and then a great hot dog when you come back to site. 

We need people from 4pm through to the end normally around midnight on Farriers and 2/3am on Stomp. Let us know when you can help from and to in the notes field on the form.

The events this year are on:

  • Farriers – 23rd October.
  • Stomp – 27th November.

We like to be paperless and make your lives easy so sign up for the booking system below.

Booking System Here